Global Fire Products

Electronic Heatflux Sensor


GFP's Electronic Heatflux Gauge, EHG, provides an alternative to conventional radiometers such as Gardon or Schmidt-Boelter Gauges, with distinct advantages in: portability, data analytics, and cost. This enables previously infeasible applications, such as smart-Firefighting, enhanced industrial or commercial fire detection, and even residential kitchen fire detection.


The EHG is a completely self-contained technology, boasting no cooling lines or external power supply, and completely wireless-capable communications.


Data Analytics

The EHG is a rapid response system capable of capturing dynamic radiation emissions faster than humanly visible, as well as estimation of source temperature and geometric characteristics - giving unparalleled insight into fires and explosions.



The EHG bypasses much of the high cost materials, design and manufacturing requirements that make conventional radiometers expensive, resulting in sensors for a tenth of the price.