Global Fire Products

Flame Refluxor


GFP's patented Flame Refluxor technology provide a unique capability of enhancing open-burning solids and liquids. Initially developed at WPI in partnership with the US Department of Interior (DOI) for In-Situ Burning (ISB) of crude oil in open water oil spills, this technology allows for sustained burning in lower temperatures and high moisture contents, faster fuel consumption, and reduces gas emissions for superior environmental protection. This can be applied to any type of large-scale open burning, such as solid and liquid waste.

A unique solution

GFP's Burn Enhancement abilities here are the first of its kind - offering a practical solution to large scale burns by enhancing the heat transfer feedback to the fuel from the flame, resulting in the two following advantages.

Enhanced Burns

By enhancing the flame-fuel heat transfer, burning can be self-sustained in previously inviable conditions, such as low temperatures or high moisture contents. In addition, burning at any condition is accelerated up to 10 times the baseline rate, allowing for quick removal of unwanted fuels.


Reduced Emissions

The enhanced heat-transfer results in more efficient and clean burning. The more complete combustion of openly burned fuels has been shown to drastically reduce the gaseous emissions of particulate matter, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrous Oxides from these flames. When 40% of global waste is open-burned, emissions reduction becomes critical for our environment.