Global Fire Products

Polymeric Flame Arrestor


GFP's Patented Polymeric Flame Arrestor allows for superior in-line or end-of-line flame arresting capabilities, with minimal flow restriction, as well as high durability, and a low cost. This technology currently is the only design to pass the ASTM F15.10 tests for Portable Gasoline Container Flame Mitigation Devices, and is in the process of integration into client devices.



With its 3-D micro-woven high integrity mesh, this flame arrestor has negligible resistance to liquid flows. Making it ideal for applications where flow rates or pressures are low, such as in Portable Containers.


Designed with materials for harsh use in mind, this technology offers UL listed superior abrasion resistance, inflammability, and other third-party tested immunity to harsh chemicals such as alcohols and gasoline.



GFP's strategic partnerships with manufacturers and simple design allow for minimal costs to be incurred in the manufacturing of this device.